The arrival of college opens up a wonderful world of opportunities with your newly free space!

Parents reclaim your space! 18 years and you are finally free! Free at last to convert your son or daughter’s room into your ideal exercise room, a meditation room, or a guest room perhaps? Either way, while your child (ren) will only be packing the necessities for college (clothing), you’re going to be buying most of their stuff to take away to college (including a new bed, desk…etc), which means you’re going to be left with an unoccupied – but filled to the brim –  room with old clothing, an old bed, an old desk, posters of rock gods and rap icons…. What are you going to do with all of this? That’s where self storage comes in! Self storage is always a great way of storing extra items you don’t have space for within your own house.

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Take advantage of your new freedom and space! Convert that old room and treat yourself!