Top Tips About Packing the Awkward Things

by Paul Reynolds on SelfStorAll

Many of these hard-to-handle items require special preparation before moving day.


  • Garden Tools: Pack small tools in boxes along with hoses. Tape long-handled tools together.
  • Power Tools/Tool Chests: Make sure all sharp edges or attachments are taped together and wrapped to prevent injury. Power tools should be packed with plenty of cushioning, and tool chests should be taped or tied securely.
  • Lawn  Furniture: If these pieces are too heavy or bulky to move intact, disassemble, put nuts and bolts in a plastic bag, tape to a furniture  piece, and tie the pieces together.
  • Bicycles: Loosen the handlebars and turn them sideways. Cover chains and pedals to keep oil and grease off other items.
  • Mirrors:  Wrap small mirrors in newspaper and pack them in boxes. Cover wall   mirrors, large paintings and other artwork with cardboard, tape securely, and stand them along the sides of the truck or if they fit, inside wardrobe boxes.
  • Lawnmowers, edger’s etc.: Empty gasoline from all tanks and check for oil leaks     
  • Rugs: Roll up carpets and throw rugs with rope or tape.
  • Valuables: Keep your valuables with you throughout your move.